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Delta to Victor: 22 Days to Change

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In “Delta to Victor” Dr. Tyson Priest takes you on a practical step-by-step journey to create the changes to help you succeed!!


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Are you ready to succeed?!?!

In “Delta to Victor” Dr. Tyson Priest takes you on a practical step-by-step journey to create the changes to help you succeed!! This is designed so that you can read it as a regular book or as it was intended, a 22 day devotional. While life rarely provides “silver bullets” to solve our problems, this book provides common threads that run throughout the lives of people who successfully make positive changes in their lives. Through his years of helping people from every walk of life Dr. Tyson Priest brings those steps to you.

From understanding your “Why”, to identifying the 2% trailblazers in your life, to the importance of being upset, and more. Combining his experience, practical business advice, and self-help strategies, you’ll be glad you set out to make a change and become victorious!!

What people are saying:

“Delta to Victor is something that not only adults should read, but our children as well…. His pulse on the needs of the people today is a strong one. He hit the nail on the head with this book. Read it!!! It will change you, challenge you…”- Doug Anderson, Grammy Nominated, multi Dove Award winning artist

“I’m excited for how this book is going to positively impact the lives of thousands of people who read it and take action on the wisdom shared within these pages.” – John Sanders, Pastor & podcaster of Small Town Big Church & the Fire Inside“I love it!! There are so many good business lessons in here.” – Ryan Reger, radio host, Owner of Streams of Income and RyanReger.com


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