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Why Pastors Quit

I was recently tagged in a post about why pastors are walking away from ministry by the droves. One pastor counted 19 of his pastor friends who quit in just over a year. Here’s why

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5 Ways to Be Spiritually Fit

We don’t give spiritual fitness much thought do we? King Solomon says (Proverbs 4:23) that all of life’s decisions come from our heart or spirit. They don’t come from our physical bodies but we work

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5 Steps to Your Miracle

The other night I was playing Bible Trivia with my oldest son. What else did you expect from a pastor, LOL. When we play it’s always heated and close. When someone misses a question they

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10 Signs of Pastoral Immaturity

My great great grandfather was a circuit rider in North Carolina. A circuit rider was minister with several churches under their responsibility and would travel between them, riding the circuit on their horse. Both my

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