Welcome! My journey has taken me from a Fortune 50 company to a small business, consultant, coach, pastor, business professor, fire chaplain, and motivational speaker. To say that life has provided me with a variety of experiences is an understatement. All of these experiences have allowed me to understand people from various walks of life; to know what motivates them and how to connect with them. Now serving as a motivational speaker, life coach, & pastor works with, business organizations, high schools and individuals, I strive to inspire them to move towards their goals and accomplish their life mission.

With these various experiences, I have witnessed that most people have the potential to reach their dreams. It’s my goal to help you make the changes necessary to achieve your life’s goals. If your desire is to change, be motivated to make those changes, and be more than what you are today, I would love to help you on that journey.

I have encouraged people from all over the world to move closer to their goals. I’ve been blessed to have spoken to thousands at schools, churches, government entities, and various venues to motivate people forward in accomplishing their dreams.

My family is a blessing with a wife and two boys, we enjoy outdoors and sports and spending time together.

I would love to help coach you to accomplish your dreams or serve as a motivational speaker at your next event.

God Bless.

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