Tyson Priest

Pastor. Motivational Speaker. Personal Coach

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Selette MacNarland

It was a coaching session with Tyson which led me to achieve what I believed to be an impossible feat. Because of him I was able to go to the UK and live as a local. I was able to shop, attend church, meet new people and more. This extended trip was a dream come true. I will forever be grateful for Tyson and his coaching.


Ryan Reger
Streams of Income Podcast

The content of the Tyson Priest Show is awesome!!"


Ashley Walters
Founder of Waltine Group

Tyson is great at asking hard questions to help you unlock what is really going on so you can live your best life.  He is insightful, caring, and has a gift for helping others discover their gifts and true calling.  I would highly recommend Tyson to help you find the path for the life you are meant to be living.


Jared Taylor,
Owner J. Taylor Custom Rods

The Tyson Priest Show's content is on POINT!"