Ferocious Faith

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

It's impossible to lose faith. I hear people all the time say, "I've lost my faith." Or "I'm loosing faith." That's absolute hogwash (midwest term meaning waste of time). In fact you cannot live your life without faith. You might change your believe system or adjust your thoughts BUT you cannot lose your faith. It is impossible in the human experience.

To explain what I mean consider this, some level of faith is required for everything we do. You started your car because you had faith in your keys. Sure you might have had intellectual knowledge that your keys should start your car but you didn’t really know. Because when those keys don't start your car you are surprised! You sat in a chair because you had faith the chair would hold you. You punched in a number on your phone with faith that the cell towers and signals would do their job to connect you to the person you’re calling. You place faith into your business decisions with another business partner. Almost everything in life requires faith, a spiritual construct!! All these actions stem from your beliefs, which define your thoughts, that create emotion, that initiates action. Your spiritual heart muscle is faith. This is how your faith is spiritual muscle.

The Scriptures say without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Is our faith in the car keys what pleases God? Of course not. However, the faith in His existence and faith in His son is what causes us to become spiritually alive in Jesus (Ephesians 2). The more we exercise our faith in God the greater that spiritual muscle becomes.

You see faith is a spiritual construct. How do I know? Let's consider this, a cow cannot place trust or conceptualize what it cannot see. This is faith. This is one of the big things that separates us from animals. Faith is evidence or proof of an unseen idea that something really does exist (Hebrews 11:1). A bear cannot conceptualize an invisible Being who created all things. Only humans have this ability. Why? Sure it might be because of our superior intellect and advanced physical brain. However, I believe it goes much deeper. Those are just some physical world reasonings. To answer this question I like what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said,

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

If, and we are, spiritual beings then it only makes sense that our spirits would also have to grow its impact in our lives. It also makes sense that, analogously we would have spiritual muscle just like we have physical muscle. That spiritual muscle would be similar to our physical heart which is a muscle. Causing our lives to pulsate with whatever it is fed. However, like the physical heart it must come alive (again see Ephesians 2) and be strong enough to remain healthy.

If we come spiritually alive, then like anything that “comes alive” it must grow. It must become stronger. Our spiritual muscle, faith, must become stronger so we can protect our hearts and improve our decision making ability, thus improving our lives. As we grow our faith, our hearts become stronger emotionally, intellectually and we walk in better health. The result, we become different humans. Operating from a healthy and strong spirit will more greatly impact your family, business, finances, dreams, etc. This is all the point of the 30 Ferocious Faith Challenge I gave myself when my life hit cruise control (see previous blog and podcast.)

So why a bear? There are three key things that a bear represents. First, a bear is adaptable. They handle the heat of summer, the cold of the winter, they are omnivores devouring what is presented, they handle the wet weather, etc. We, if we want to maximize ourselves, need to learn to be more adaptable.

Second, bears are one of the smartest land animals in the world. They are trained like dogs to follow commands. They can remember things for over ten years. If we are going to grow we need to grow mentally.

Third, bears own their territory. By owning it they guard what is theirs. This is the precise reason why I carry bear spray when I spend days backpacking. If we're going to guard our hearts as Solomons instructs, then we need to be like a bear and protect it.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

We need to "OWN IT!!" That's why I'm introducing the 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge. The 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge will focus on what I call the "Core 4."


1. Reading

If we are going to grow intellectually we need input. We need things to think about and ponder. We need to learn new ways to excercise, eat, think, decision make, etc.

2. Work Out Everyday but One

Because our body and minds are connected one does impact another. The beauty of this challenge is you pick how you want to work out. it can be cardio or muscular. It can be running, walking, swimming, crossfit, weight lifting, etc.

3. Christian or Neutral Music Only

This might seem odd but hear me out. One of the greatest lessons in Scripture is that we become what we feed ourselves. I know, I know, you're probably saying, "BUT I like my classic rock or pop or rap. Especially the ones I grew up with. They make me feel good and provide fun memories." Guess what? We don't live on feelings. Nor do bears. Bears are preparing for winter, working on raising their cubs. Bears do what is necessary to own their mountain by running off what doesn't belong. It's time to run off what doesn't belong on your mountain and contaminating your thought process. More to come on this topic in future blogs and podcasts.

4. Read and Pray Everyday

Here again we become what we feed ourselves. Garbage in garbage out. Get focused. Learn from ancient wisdom of Scripture and connect with your Creator. I often say a vacuum cleaner is a wonderful tool but if it's not plugged in it can't funciton properly. Let's plug ourselves into the power source and watch our decisions and life get clean.

When my life was on cruise control and wasn't working, I challenged myself in these four areas and within 30 days my life was better. Vision for my life was clearer. Anxiety and worry replaced with focus and discipline. I want that for you. You want that for yourself right?

I'm so EXCITED for you!! I'm EXCITED to walk this journey with you!! I'm ready to journey with you as you conquer your mountain and guard your heart. Take the 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge for free with me and let's OWN IT!!

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