Guard My What?!

In my last blog I wrote about how cruise control in life is a dangerous thing. That our God has allowed the second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy) to be an integral part in our lives. We took up a proverb (wise saying) from King Solomon it was this:

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

So what exactly is the "heart"? I mean after all Solomon says the decisions we make in life flow out of our heart. This is a very important thing. We think our decisions come from our intellect but in reality they come form our heart. Let me explain what the heart is, then show you how that plays out in your life. Then you'll understand why Solomon says it's so important to guard your heart.

So what is the heart? In my devotional, "Delta to Victor" (you can get a copy here) I explain that the heart is a combination of three things: 1. Physical body; 2. Intellect 3. Emotion. When we place these things into a Venn Diagram where the three circles overlap is your heart. From page seven of "Delta to Victor: 22 Days to Change"

Here's how this works. Let's say one night you're watching a paid commercial about the importance of drilling fresh water wells in Africa. (This is certainly a noble cause!) As you are watching, it moves you intellectually and you begin to think logically about the impact fresh water would mean for these people and if you have the money to sponsor. Additionally, your emotional strings are pulled, after all you simply go to the faucet or buy bottled water at the store. How sad it is for someone to not have access like you do. Then with the intellectual and emotional side in gear you pick up the phone or go to the website (physical action) and make a monthly pledge to help drill wells in Africa.

This is what Solomons is saying. We make decision and the handle the issues of life from our heart. From the place where these three things combine. However, if you believe life should be about you and your family but not some person you'll never meet then the commercial will have no effect on you. You might be moved emotionally but not intellectually and certainly without the intellect agreeing with your emotions you'll never physically pick up the phone or go to the website to donate.

The problem in our society is that too many of us are moved by emotion. "If I feel like it." or "I'm not feeling it today." We somehow confuse our emotions with our heart. Yet our emotions are only one-third of the picture. Emotions are great for sensing things and providing feeling, they are like a cars dash board of gauges, but they were never intended provide vision for the destination.

To make a life different we MUST have a whole and complete heart. Because from that flow our decisions.

In life, in day to day decisions we make different choices based on our heart. A person might give someone "the bird" if they are cut off in traffic because intellectually the person believes they should not have been cut off. So emotionally they are angry, the result is a physical fling of their longest finger with the others folded up. This is a result of what is in their heart. It's a combination of emotion, intellect, and physical action revealing what's really in them.

When life becomes mundane and we put it on cruise control something happens to our heart, entropy sets in. The result is that our decisions become worse. Our thinking becomes less clear allowing for worry, anxiety, stress and the negative emotions to begin to grow.

So how do we guard our heart as King Solomons says? Over the next several weeks I'll begin sharing what I did to get off cruise control and fight the entropy that is inevitable. You are invited to take this journey with me if even to gain new habits to make your life better. I learned I had to own my mountain. I had to take ownership of a few things and practice what I'll call the "Core 4" it revolutionized my life and I know it will help you. Stay with me as I show you how to OWN IT!!