Musical Twinkies & the Victim

Do you have a favorite snack? Most people do. My hope for you is that youre favorite snack is an apple or banana or something healthy. Unfortunately, my favorite snack is not. One of my favorite snacks are Twinkies. That's right the yellow and white creme filled cake!! I can taste it now! Maybe you can too, wait, sorry it doesn't have any chocolate in it. Well that writes it off for most of you but that's ok, my point here can still be made.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients for your favorite snack? Here's the first four ingredients of a Twinkie, enriched wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup and water. Ok, that's not great but those four things are in a lot of foods so, ok. If you keep reading the ingredients something happens, it literally nose dives like a pelican onto a fish. Here we go, agar, xanthin gum, locust bean gum, corn starch, yellow 4, red 40, etc.

Now I ask you, what would happen if I lived on a diet of twinkies? My arteries will not like me. my stomach is going to wonder what happened to me. Most importantly my heart is going to start having problems.

Now what happens when take this same concept and apply it to what we feed ourselves with what comes into our ears. That's right!! I'm talking about the music we listen too!

Now, before you get all upset stop for a second and think about this. Music IS a matter of the heart. Remember from the past blogs and podcasts. Your heart is the intersection of your intellect, emotions and physical body. Question does the rhythm of the music move you emotionally? Yes. Do the lyrics connect intellectually? Yes. Do you take some physical interaction when listening? Yes. (Even if you just sing in your car.) You see music moves the core of who you are, your heart.

So what happens when your core, your heart is feasting on Musical Twinkies? That's right, musical junk food! It impacts your decision making ability. It impacts how you view life. It impacts your reactions to events. It impacts anything you need your intellect, emotions and physical body for.

Don't believe me? Let's deconstruct a couple lines from some well known songs. Let's start first with Garth Brooks song, "Friends in Low Places." First, let me say I really like this song and own it but I don't feed on it.

First line: Blame it all on my roots

Right out of the gate this person has a victim mentality. The very first line says, "I can't help it. It's how I was raised. It's my roots." Does that somehow give you permission to show you have no respect or "social graces"? Please, I hardly think so. It shows you are ran by your emotions. So because you've been done wrong and you don't have enough self-control to rise above it, you're going to be an absolute rear end. Very sad, the first line has a victim mentality.

Third line: And ruined your black tie affair

Why? Why do you want to ruin a black tie affair? So because she did you wrong you're going to show everyone else that you can't control yourself? Not smart. Not someone who is healthy intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Also, this line screams, "I’m going to show you." Where does that come from? It is a person who is hurt and they want to hurt someone in return. And where does THAT come from? Pride and revenge. Are those really healthy traits we want displayed? Not at all.

Now why do we love this song so much? Because it's a terrific rhythm, easily singable, AND we all want to be this person "sticking it" to other person for doing us wrong. "Sticking it" to someone else is not healthy.

Ok, enough of a deconstruction of that song because I deconstruct the entire song in this weeks podcast HERE.

Let's try a different song: I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick

Chorus line one: I want you to want me

Really? This screams co-dependency. Is that who you want to become? Not me and no one who wants to own their mountain. Those who listen to my podcast and own their mountains are NOT setting out to be co-dependent.

Chorus line Two: I need you to need me

Now we've moved from co-dependency to allowing our identity to be defined by this person. Look, your identity comes from your Creator who is powerful enough to know you better than you know yourself. People who OWN IT and don't allow life to happen to them don't get their identity from others.

Well, I'll stop deconstruction of these songs. If you're brave enough I'd encourage you to deconstruct some of your favorite songs. What are you feeding yourself?

Here's the thing with music. We tend to like music that connects with us. We like music where the artist and writer have connected to our situation. Honestly, that's horrible. When I'm down OR when I'm up, I don't want music to connect with me. I want my music to pull me up. I want my music to put into me healthy examples of life. If music is going to connect to our hearts as we have seen we have to stop consuming musical Twinkie's and playing the victim and take responsibility to what we listen too.

That's why step three of the Core4 in the 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge is to find positive uplifting music or what I call neutral music with no lyrics.We have to clean the veins of our "hearts" if we are going to make better life decisions.

If you want to recenter your life and grow a more healthy heart sign up for the 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge HERE.