You Do It More Than You Think

"STUDY" it's such a dirty word isn't it? Growing up I hated to study. When I was young I even fought my parents I hated it so much. It was useless, a waste of time! Do you now or did you hate to study? "Study" gets such a negative connotation because when we're young we're forced to study things we don't like. As a result anytime someone says, "You're going to need to study." Our nose curls up, our foreheads wrinkle, and we turn our head to the side in a gesture that says, "No, no thanks." Why? Because the negative connotation we had when we were young was carried right on through to our adulthood.

What happens if the word study doesn't mean "Sit down at a desk and memorize!" Or "Ok, next flash card." What if studying is much more simple? What if study is a matter of observing, remembering (sometimes hard), and sharing. That sounds much easier doesn't it?

We do this A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E!! We observe someone picking their nose at a stop light. We remember it. Then when we get to work or home we tell someone, you're not going to believe this, "I had to miss a green light because someone was picking their nose!" Ok, the example is gross but you get the idea. We watch a sporting event on TV. We observe. We remember the plays. We share them with friends. We've just studied sports. We observe a song. We remember the song. We then share the song with another person. We've studied music. Literally, everyday we are studying. If you've followed this blog or the Tyson Priest Show podcast long enough you know that we become what we feed ourselves. We study every minute of every day.

All that makes studying seem easy doesn't it?!?! If studying really is that simple, then we study A LOT!! We study the news (observe, remember, share). We study social media (observe, remember, share).

What if there was a book? No not a book, a library. Yes, an ancient library full of love and wisdom that was thousands of years old. Let's say this library was from all walks of life from human history. Let's say it was comprised of life experiences that span over 1,500 years and from three continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia). This so called book/library was written by over 40 authors from different walks of life. These authors were poets, scholars, kings, peasants, philosophers, fisherman, farmers and more. It was originally written in three languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. This book contains various genres of literature, such as poetry, history, statistics, songs, parables, wisdom and non-fiction. This library/book has inspired more art, architecture, and fields of study more than any other book in human history. There is such a book it's called the Bible. What if we studied that book? Yes, we observed, remembered, and shared with someone else what we read?

The question we must ask ourselves is this, "Would studying (observe, remember, & share) book improve our lives?" Would it give you answers to life questions. Help you grow as an individual. Help you better understand humanity? Help you to grow mentally and emotionally? And so much more? The answer is a resounding YES!!

This is the point of step four in the "Core 4" of the 30 Day Ferocious Faith Challenge, Bible reading. Honestly, there is so much power in the Bible it doesn't take hours or even thirty minutes a day to read. You can take five or ten minutes a day and there is so much power in the Bible it will begin to change you.

Without getting into much detail, there are several translations of the Bible you can get that make it easy to understand. Some translations are New International Version (NIV), English Standard Version (ESV), Amplified Version, the Message (MSG), and many, many more. The important thing here is that you find one you can understand. Pick a place to start maybe with the letter of John or Mark. Read a chapter a day (literally a half a page).

You see the thing about reading the Bible is that it reads you. As you study it, it begins to study you. As you read your going to find out things about yourself and others as you read. If you use to read but have stopped pick it back up again.

In this weeks podcast I will go into much more detail on how to read the Bible to gain wisdom from it. I'll also talk through how to pray the Bible for connection with your Creator and to bring a calming to your mind and heart.

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